Q:  Can you help me with my skin, if I don’t live in Utah?

A:  Yes, for this purpose, I provide the online consult service.  We also have product purchasing available, shipping anywhere in the Continental US.

Q:  How do I schedule an appointment with you?

A:   You can call or text the spa at 801-960-9396 or schedule an appointment here.

Q: Do you work exclusively with Jan Marini and Image skincare products?

A: I do incorporate products from other lines in the treatment room, occasionally, but I dominantly work with these lines, by choice, as they are comprehensively my favorite, in providing the results I seek.

Q:  How do I find a qualified esthetician in my area?

A: I do not have a personal  knowledge or opinion of professionals in any given area, to reasonably recommend one.  The type of skincare line a professional uses, indicates something of their approach to treating skin, and you can inquire of their experience and specialties, to get a sense of if they will meet your need.  

Q:  Can I use the skincare you sell, with other skincare lines, or products I already have?

A: Yes.  As long as the other skincare is not harming or hindering the progress of the skin, I very often work in the higher priorities of product changes first, as upgrades to the others can be made in future.

Q: What skincare products would you recommend for me?

A: Through a formal skin consultation, we can assess your needs and determine what skincare products are right for you.