Team Bios

Hi, I’m Lisa!  I am a wife and mother of 4, and have lived in Utah, USA, pretty much my whole life. I attended Mandalyn Academy, school of Esthetics, in 2001, and have been working as an esthetician, with a passion for skin and the wonderful topicals that assist it, since 2002. I have worked in the salon environment for the whole of my career, where I initially had to familiarize people with what an esthetician is. I enjoy educating clients, wanting them to understand the “why and how” of what we are doing, and see the purpose and value of skin care.  It’s your FACE, it matters! I have always been eager to learn more, but also hesitant to jump on the wagon of any skin fads (believe me, I have seen many come and go). I get so much gratification, from the positive impact it has on clients, when seeing their better skin emerge. 


Hi, I'm Kylee! I was raised here, in Orem Utah. I went to Timpanogos High School; where I met my sweetest husband! We have been married for almost two years and are happier than ever! While I was in high school I struggled with my skin. I never felt confident going anywhere without my makeup on! I researched millions of At Home Skin Care but nothing ever worked. I went to doctors but nothing seemed to give me a real fix! I became so interested in what I could be doing to help my skin. As soon as I learned about aesthetics I was sold! I have loved the industry ever since! It made me want to help people like me feel comfortable and confident in their skin!