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Allow us to introduce the LGK line of skincare products. This line has been a long time in the making and we could not be more excited or proud. The entire lineup consists of 13 unique products. The intention of this line is not replace our other brands, but simply fill different niches within your skincare routine.

Over time, I have been presented with the chance or urged by others to create my own line. However, I have consistently declined because the skincare products I currently use are manufactured by well-established companies with substantial resources, and experienced professionals. Additionally, I would never put my name  on something that was second rate or that I didn't believe in. 

In terms of research and development and the quality of formulation, I did this because of a particular lab that could offer the level of formulation that made it worthwhile. I tested numerous samples of potential formulas for months, and narrowed down to what I really wanted and needed.

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LGK | Skincare

Radiant C&E serum LGK Skincare
Gentle Soothe Cleanser LGK Skincare
Uplift Eye Gel LGK Skincare

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LGK | Skincare

Introducing the LGK line! This line has been a long time in the making and we could not be more excited. The entire lineup consists...

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