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Microneedling is used to treat fine lines, improve skin laxity and the appearance of scarring through collagen induction.

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Getting a Microneedling Treatment

During your microneedling treatment, the esthetician will explain how the microneedling process works while your skin is numbed to ensure comfort. The microneedling is performed with a top of the line device and microneedling growth factor solution. You will also be instructed on proper post treatment care.

Treatment Length: 1 hour


Individual services

Microneedling: $265

Brightening Microneedling: $315

Microneedling Add-On Area: $80

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Our packages

Microneedling | 5 Treatments: $1050

Microneedling Mini-Series | 3 Treatments: $735

Brightening Microneedling | 5 Treatments: $1315

Brightening Microneedling Mini-Series | 3 Treatments: $840

Common questions

  • 1 day prior to your appointment we recommend discontinuing the use of retinol.
  • 24 hours no hot saunas, exercise or excessive heat.
  • If you have received Botox (or other injectable neuromodulators), we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before getting microneedling, or microneedling before injections.

No. We take the time to numb properly prior to starting your treatment. If you do experience discomfort during your treatment please let your esthetician know.

As a method of collagen induction, microneedling improves the appearance of fine lines, laxity, loss of volume, and acne scarring.

We always recommend receiving microneedling treatments in a series. At least 3-5 treatments to see improvements in your skin.

Immediately following the treatment, the use of active products such as retinol and exfoliants should be avoided for 1-3 days.

A gentle cleanser and sunscreen are necessary, and protective hydrators or balms are helpful to protect from moisture loss. Vitamin C and hydrating serums can be used according to tolerance.

It is important for 24 hours to avoid heat, exercise and hot saunas in order to manage inflammation.

Microneedling is NOT suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding clients. This is due to the numbing agent that is used during the treatment.

It is best to have your skin clear of active acne prior to having microneedling done. If you are unsure if your acne is cleared up enough, send a picture of your skin to the spa (801)-960-9396.

Both regular microneedling and brightening microneedling use a growth factor solution that enhances collagen production and skin recovery. The brightening microneedling solution has an added brightening agent that assists with improving hyperpigmentation.

After Care

Products to continue with

Follow up care and maintenance is vital to maintaining the benefits of the treatment.

Be prepared

Marini Physical Protectant Tinted SPF 45 Jan Marini
Calm Replenish Facial Oil LGK Skincare
Youth Restoring Moisturizer LGK Skincare
Barrier Aid Night Masque LGK Skincare
ORMEDIC Care for Skin Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex .25oz Image Skincare
Gentle Cream Cleanser LGK Skincare
Complex Age Correct LGK Skincare
Hyla3D Face Cream Jan Marini

Kind words from clients

I love SkinBoss! I can’t recommend them enough. They are so professional & knowledgeable. They really helped me understand my skin more & its needs. I had micro-needling done there & I felt so relaxed. I’ve been noticing results after the treatments and their product recommendations.

Meet the Estheticians

Lisa Richards

Lisa, SkinBoss Owner and master esthetician, enjoys educating clients to help them understand the why and how of what she is doing.

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Bryni Howell Portrait
Bryni Howell

Bryni, master esthetician, enjoys connecting with and helping her clients through product knowledge.

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Addy Dorny Portrait
Addy Dorny

Addy, master esthetician, enjoys seeing positive changes in her clients skin.

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Heidi Lemmon

Heidi, master esthetician, enjoys helping her clients to feel confident in their own skin.

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Case studies

before and after hyperpigmentation results. Redness relief  for a more even skin tone.

Before & After | Hyperpigmentation

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows the clients diminished acne and redness,

Before & After | Acne

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows noticeable difference with diminished redness on their cheeks and chin.

Before & After | Redness

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