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After years of sun exposure and not using sunscreen, this client approached us wanting to see visible changes to her visible capillaries (telangiectasias). 

We took her through a series of treatments, combined with at-home skincare to produce these results. This client was committed to using their at home skincare program and maintaining appointments within the recommended frequency. 

We added only a couple of products into her routine that were focused on reducing the appearance of redness. We got her started using Rosalieve, a serum perfect for those prone to redness and the Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33 to protect and prevent further UV damage.

For her professional treatments, we began a series of laser treatments that simultaneously targeted redness and hyperpigmentation. She received a total of 4, 15 min laser treatments with 4 weeks between each appointment.

Looking at the before and after you can notice the difference in how the appearance of the capillaries has diminished on their cheeks and chin. 


VITAL C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum 1.7oz Image Skincare
Marini Physical Protectant Tinted SPF 45 Jan Marini
Gentle Soothe Cleanser LGK Skincare
Calm Replenish Facial Oil LGK Skincare

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