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Lisa Richards

About Lisa

Lisa is a wife and mother of 4, and has lived in Utah for most of her life. She attended esthetics school at Mandalyn Academy in 2001, and has been working as an esthetician, with a passion for skin and the wonderful topicals that assist it, since 2002. She worked in the salon environment at the beginning of her career, where she had to familiarize people with what an esthetician is.

Lisa enjoys educating clients, wanting them to understand the why and how of what we are doing, and see the purpose and value of quality skin care. She has always been eager to learn more, but also hesitant to jump on the wagon of any skin fads. She gets so much gratification from the positive impact exceptional skincare has on clients as they see their skin improve.

Lisa is not currently accepting new clients. Each of the SkinBoss Estheticians have been personally trained by Lisa and actively continue their education regularly. You will be in great care with any of them.

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From Lisa's clients

Everything about my experience was awesome. From being welcomed in and offered a drink, to feeling relaxed and at ease with whatever treatment I was having done. Lisa and her staff is the best. Lisa truly cares about her customers and treats them like family. Can’t say enough good things.

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Case studies

before and after hyperpigmentation results. Redness relief  for a more even skin tone.

Before & After | Hyperpigmentation

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows the clients diminished acne and redness,

Before & After | Acne

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows noticeable difference with diminished redness on their cheeks and chin.

Before & After | Redness

By Lisa Richards