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This client came to us in August 2022 for an in-person skin consultation with hopes to see improvement in her breakouts and discoloration. SkinBoss Master Esthetician, Bryni Howell, discussed with her an at-home regimen that would support the treatment plan that they determined during her consultation.

Her at-home regimen included the following products:

*please note that this is not a complete regimen*



These products facilitated further progress to her treatment plan which consisted of a series of laser and chemical peel treatments focused on treating skin discoloration and breakouts. The chemical peel treats congestion associated with breakouts, brightens hyperpigmented spots and retexturizes the skin, while the laser eliminates the bacteria with the breakout and reduces the redness with acne lesions. Combining the laser with the chemical peel does not increase  downtime, but is ideal in accelerating progress.

The before photo was taken in November 2022 after 4 monthly treatments. You can notice an improvement in her discoloration as well as clearance in her breakouts. This client has continued with her monthly treatments to see further progress.

Bioclear Face Lotion Jan Marini
Marini Physical Protectant Tinted SPF 45 Jan Marini
Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Lotion Jan Marini
Satin Clarity Moisturizer LGK Skincare
Marini Luminate face Lotion Jan Marini

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