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Jet Plasma

Jet Plasma is a revolutionary treatment for skin rejuvenation that requires no discomfort and no down time.

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Receiving a Jet Plasma Treatment

During your Jet Plasma treatment we use a hand held device that penetrates 13,000 volts to the lower layers of the skin delivering three forms of plasma as an ionized gas made from free electrons and positively charged ions. Gently passed across the skin, jet plasma uses cool atmospheric temperature to avoid surface trauma, stimulating high levels of collagen production.

Treatment length

Face - 30 Minutes

Face & Neck - 45 Minutes

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Our packages

Face | 4 Treatments $700

Face | 8 Treatments $1220

Neck | 4 Treatments $370

Neck | 8 Treatments $640

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Products to use

Follow up care and maintenance is vital to maintaining the benefits of the treatment.

Enhance your treatment

Transformation Face Cream Jan Marini
Youth Restoring Moisturizer LGK Skincare
Complexion Bright Cream LGK Skincare
Regeneration Booster Jan Marini
Complex Age Correct LGK Skincare

Common questions

A benefit to Jet Plasma is that it requires no prior numbing or preparation.

Jet Plasma is great treatment option for all skin tones and skin types.

Jet Plasma has NO downtime. Unlike, other treatments you are able to treat again within 48 hours. Making Jet Plasma a great treatment to combine with additional services such as laser, LED, chemical Peels. For best results we recommend a series of treatments.

  • acne
  • discoloration
  • eczema
  • hyperpigmentation
  • laxity
  • lines wrinkles
  • psoriasis
  • redness

Kind words from clients

Got the facial with a consultation and bought some products that changed everything for me! I just went back in for my first chemical peel and loved it so much. I completely trust these estheticians with my skin!

Meet the Estheticians

Lisa Richards

Lisa, SkinBoss Owner and master esthetician, enjoys educating clients to help them understand the why and how of what she is doing.

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Bryni Howell Portrait
Bryni Howell

Bryni, master esthetician, enjoys connecting with and helping her clients through product knowledge.

Get to know Bryni
Addy Dorny Portrait
Addy Dorny

Addy, master esthetician, enjoys seeing positive changes in her clients skin.

Get to know Addy
Heidi Lemmon

Heidi, master esthetician, enjoys helping her clients to feel confident in their own skin.

Get to know Heidi

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Case studies

before and after hyperpigmentation results. Redness relief  for a more even skin tone.

Before & After | Hyperpigmentation

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows the clients diminished acne and redness,

Before & After | Acne

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows noticeable difference with diminished redness on their cheeks and chin.

Before & After | Redness

By Lisa Richards