Hi, I am Lisa Richards. I have been an esthetician for 19 years. I believe good skincare is for everybody. And I want to help you achieve YOUR best skin. Whether you are someone who is up on the latest and greatest in skincare or you are a newbie, I can’t wait for us to find your perfect skincare routine. 

The number one priority at SkinBoss is achieving your best skin and making sure it is healthy. With experience in treating acne, premature aging or pigment issues, we can hone in on your greatest skin health concerns. 

The skin is an organ, whose health and appearance are so affected by the internal function of your body. The skin has its own complex systems and processes, which we aim to respect and work with to produce YOUR best skin. We do not override or negate the direction of a dermatologist or medical professional but feel that many cases can be treated with less trauma, expense and prescriptions.

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