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Clear treatment

The Clear Treatment is a treatment that uses electrodessication with a small probe to treat epidermal irregularities such as: skin tags, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, small pigmented lesions, and fibromas.

Treatment length

Clear treatments take 15 minutes.

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15 minute session: $70

Add-ons: $35

Common questions

The clear treatment resolves skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, fibromas, and small pigmented lesions, with a simpler method, avoiding the cost and healing time of incisions.

The treatment has no ongoing pain associated. During the treatment there is moderate discomfort that feels like a quick pinch, sting, or "zap". The esthetician will monitor pain tolerance and pause between the treatment to limit discomfort.

On the treated areas, the tissue is dehydrated and forms a small scab, which needs to be left to protect underlying tissue and allow healing. These scabs can remain for 5-7 days on the face and 7-10 days on the body. It is important to not pick or scratch at any of these scabs and let them fall off naturally.

Most all areas of the body can be treated, from neck, chest, trunk, legs and arms. Cherry angiomas are common on the trunk of the body, and skin tags occur in areas of friction, from underarms, under the chest, and neck area. Fibromas are common with aging skin and can appear on arms and legs as well as the face.

Disclaimer: If the safety of any spot intended to treat is in question, we will refer you to a dermatologist to be checked and cleared before treating the area.

After Care

Products to support

Follow up care and maintenance is vital to maintaining the benefits of the treatment.

Be prepared

Gentle Soothe Cleanser LGK Skincare
Barrier Aid Night Masque LGK Skincare
Complexion Bright Serum LGK Skincare
ORMEDIC Care for Skin Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex .25oz Image Skincare
Hyacyn Active Hydrinity
Marini BioShield Post-Procedure Complex Jan Marini
Marini Physical Protectant Untinted SPF 30 Jan Marini
Moisture Lock Kit LGK Skincare

Kind words from clients

Our Esthetician was absolutely amazing! The best part about SkinBoss is that they do such a phenomenal job at keeping up with the science behind skin and really great product development. They really know their stuff! My daughter has struggled with severe acne for 6 years. I love that the esthetician set her on a path to help heal her skin without medication. It made me feel so confident that our esthetician also had similar acne struggles in her youth and knew exactly how to help her. She was so empathetic. She is our biggest skin cheerleader!

Meet the Estheticians

Lisa Richards

Lisa, SkinBoss Owner and master esthetician, enjoys educating clients to help them understand the why and how of what she is doing.

Get to know Lisa
Bailey Daynes

Bailey, master esthetician, enjoys helping her clients to feel confident in their own skin.

Get to know Bailey
Bryni Howell Portrait
Bryni Howell

Bryni, master esthetician, enjoys connecting with and helping her clients through product knowledge.

Get to know Bryni
Kristen Hall

Kristen, master esthetician, enjoys seeing positive changes in her clients skin.

Get to know Kristen

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Case studies

before and after hyperpigmentation results. Redness relief  for a more even skin tone.

Before & After | Hyperpigmentation

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows the clients diminished acne and redness,

Before & After | Acne

By Lisa Richards
Before and after shows noticeable difference with diminished redness on their cheeks and chin.

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