Tips for Winter Skin

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Tips for Winter Skin
Let's talk moisture! Hydration is essential for healthy skin, regardless of skin type. Equally, healthy skin is associated with a sufficient water content and flow through all the layers. Water binds to the proteins and is essential for proper enzymatic reactions.

The loss of hydration negatively effects functions within the skin. There are two main aims to focus on when achieving hydrating in the skin:
1. Enabling water to distribute and bind throughout the skin
2. Retaining water in the skin, by maintaining a healthy skin barrier

How to do that?

  • Hyaluronic acid (existing in dermis and epidermis) assists the first aim by binding and retaining water molecules. 
  • A healthy stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin), is necessary for skin to retain water. Reinforcing lipids with fatty acids or oils decreases water loss. Lipids decrease with age, which affects the ability for hyaluronic acid to spread through the skin.
It's a lovely interdependent relationship between these two factors, to achieve this ideal state of hydration, and keep your skin acting and looking healthy.

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