“Lisa’s consultation services and expertise absolutely saved my skin. I have dealt with acne for most of my life and thanks to Lisa and her knowledge, my skin is looking and feeling the best it’s ever been. She was thorough and informative and not only recommended wonderful products that were specific to my skin’s needs, but she also left me feeling educated and positive about future progress for my skin. What I especially love about Lisa’s approach is that she’s not looking for a quick fix; real success and healthy skin takes time but it is worth the patience and the wait. I’ve worked with many dermatologists and doctors and I haven’t had long term results until I started working with Lisa. She is truly the best. Thank you! “

-Nicole A. , AZ

“I have had breakouts since I was 15 and always been self conscious of my skin. I have used every product under the sun. Proactiv, generic grocery/drug store stuff, dermatologist prescribed stuff, antibiotics, coconut oil, baby powder, changing my diet, not eating anything from plastic with BPAs in it,  and even tried the all natural stuff with "ingredients you can pronounce", etc! Literally nothing worked. I’m 27 and was seriously fed up with over a decade of bad skin! The last thing I hadn’t tried was the stuff Lisa offers (salon/esthetician quality stuff). It worked like a charm within a few days. My skin looks so vibrant and less wrinkly/tired looking. I rarely get breakouts. Like not even when I eat too much sugar or when my hormones are going crazy or when I forget to wash my face or when I accidentally wipe my face with a dirty towel (oops!).  My skin is literally perfect and it’s the best feeling in the world. I no longer feel self conscious without makeup on. I actually like going around town without makeup on now. I feel much more confident and happy in the skin I’m in. None of this would be possible without SKIN BOSS Lisa :) she’s the best!!! And truly can do anything with ANY type of skin! She’s a skin magician!!!"

-Lauren F., WA

"When I reached out to SkinBoss for an online consultation, I didn’t have much hope. I thought I’d tried everything- and nothing had worked. Lisa understood my frustration, suggested the perfect skin regimen for me, and my cystic acne cleared up within a couple of months! I’ve used only SkinBoss approved products for the last year, and my skin has never looked better. Lisa is my skin guru. When I have questions, she teaches me the science behind what my skin needs and the most effective way to get it. Brains & beauty? I’ll take it!"

-Ashlee L, CA

"I am not an acne-prone girl or someone with lots of “issues”. I originally came to Lisa almost 2 years ago (after turning 30), seeking a skincare routine and maintenance. From the minute I laid down in Lisa’s chair, I gained knowledge about my skin and what our underlying goal was for MY skin. She didn’t push product, she didn’t push expensive treatments, but after understanding what my skin needed, I wanted it all. Never have I experienced that before. I always left dermatologists with a prescription I didn’t want and a face wash I stopped using after a week. Not with Lisa. She preaches consistency and I am finally all in. I am Lisa’s biggest advocate and want everyone to be able to experience Skin Boss in action. She is amazing and my skin will be forever grateful. That Skin Boss Glow is a REAL thing and I can’t get enough."

-Linley H, UT